Police equipment

Application Introduction: 
The application belongs to the Tools and Entertainment Categories and includes Police Light (LED), Siren, Radio and Tools for alarm and protection. Application Objective: To self-protect, protect assets, fun and surprise others. Warning: Do not use application for bad. Usage Instruction: Run the Application. Menus: About Menu: You will receive information on the application introduction and update information when the update is done. 

Security Menu: By clicking on this menu, the car alarm mode will detect any movements in 5 to 10 seconds after activation. If a movement is detected, light and siren alarms work then send message to your sub phone number. Then, if no movement is detected after alarms, the movement detection mode is reactivated. Activate and test by placing it inside your car window.

Radio menu: You may use this menu in case the bad guys bully you in the street. The voice will be in English by next update. 

Lights & Sirens Menu: You may select different flash lights and sirens using this menu. 

Taser menu: if you meet the bad guys you can use it

Led Text menu: You can use LED text what you want show you can chand text and change flash time delay

Flash light menu: You can use Light Torch in night

PS: The updates with further opportunities will be constantly developed.


16 November 2017



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16 November 2017
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